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What is the Dogcatcher serial data logger?

Dogcatcher FAQThe Dogcatcher is a physically and electronically robust device which records data from a RS-232 serial port and writes the data to a USB memory stick. The Dogcatcher is designed for recording serial data in industrial and electronics production facilities as well as automated test and design engineering environments.

With what serial devices can I use the Dogcatcher?

Dogcatcher FAQIn general, the Dogcatcher serial data logger will record from any device which will generate (send) RS-232 data at 9600 baud, with eight bits per character, no parity, 1 stop bit (8-N-1). 8-N-1 is the most common serial setting. Devices which generate this type of data include programmable logic controllers, microcontrollers and microprocessors when used with serial voltage translators, computers and some test equipment.

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Records data to USB memory sticks that are readable on most computers
Physically robust, no moving parts
Convenient mounting tabs
Compact size
Logs data to any capacity USB stick
Easy to use, everything you need to know is on the label
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Brigantine Electronics manufactures quality serial data loggers.

Brigantine ElectronicsBrigantine Electronics proudly presents the Dogcatcher. The Dogcatcher is a serial data logger, about the size of a deck of cards. The Dogcatcher collects RS-232 data and writes it to a file on a memory stick. The Dogcatcher serial data recorder has no configuration options. It is ready to use right out of the box.

The Dogcatcher serial data logger will record data to USB sticks of any size, from kiloBytes to 10s of GigaBytes. The size of the output file is limited only by USB stick capacity and the amount of data sent. For best results with a nearly full USB stick, Kingston drives are recommended.

LED LightsThe Dogcatcher's red and green LEDs serve as diagnostic aids. The red LED shows that serial data has arrived (slow flash) and that the user may remove the USB stick (off or flashing). The green LED shows the presence of power (on or flashing) and that the USB thumb drive is recognized (LED on).

When you need to log data from a PLC
When you must get information from your microcontroller
When you have status provided in an RS-232 format
When you don't want to dedicate a computer to the job
When you can't wait for the systems department to put in a network drop
… Use the DOGCATCHER! RS-232 Data Logger

A small 1” x 2” x 4” package
Rugged housing
Low power
Low profile
Mounting tabs so it stays in place
Logs to standard USB memory stick
Log file size limited only by capacity of USB stick
Ready to use out of the box


Industries that benefit
from our RS232 serial data logger include:
Serail Data Collections
• Automotive
• Agriculture
• Controls Engineering
• Industrial Automation
• Industrial Controls / Devices / Systems
• Industrial Machines
• Transportation
• University Research
• Automated Test Equipment
• Production Test Equipment
• Electronics
• Information Technology
• Weights and Measures
• Mining

• Controls Engineers
• Electrical Engineers
• Electronics Engineers
• Industrial Engineers
• Electronics Technicians
• Production Technicians

• Environmental Conditions
• Scale Readings
• Test Data
• Diagnostic Information
• Lab Instrument Readings

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