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Why do I need to see the LEDs?

Dogcatcher FAQIf a USB stick is removed while data is being written to it, the file may be corrupted. In rare situations, the file system may be corrupted. The red LED shows when data is being written so that the user can remove the stick when it is safe to do so.

Will the Dogcatcher RS232 Data Logger lose data when I am switching sticks?

Dogcatcher FAQThe Dogcatcher will buffer several kilobytes of data without a memory stick present. When a stick is plugged in, it will write the buffered data to the stick. Even if data is flowing continuously, this will generally give you time to change sticks. Your best bet is to plug in an empty memory stick. If your stick is partially full and highly fragmented, it may take up to a minute to find space for the Dogcatcher to write its data.

How much does the Dogcatcher RS232 Data Logger cost?

Dogcatcher FAQ The Dogcatcher unit retails for $269.00 and the Dogcatcher Starter Kit retails for $299.00.

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The Dogcatcher is a physically and electronically robust device which collects data from a serial RS232 port and records the data to a USB memory drive.

$299.00- Dogcatcher Starter Kit
$269.00 - Dogcatcher Unit
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USB Serial Data CollectorThe Dogcatcher is an RS232 to USB data logger

The Dogcatcher is our original data logger and is still available. The Dogcatcher collects RS-232 data and writes it to a file on a memory stick. The Dogcatcher serial data recorder has no configuration options. It is ready to mount in your application right out of the box. It now features an enhanced operating temperature range of -20C to 50C. The Dogcatcher is a quick and easy solution for systems with the most common RS-232 settings: 9600 baud, 8N1.

Serial Data CollectorThe Dogcatcher serial data logger will record data to USB sticks of any size, from kilobytes to tens of gigabytes. The size of the output file is limited only by USB stick capacity and the amount of data sent. For best results with a nearly full USB stick, Kingston drives are recommended.

The Dogcatcher's red and green LEDs serve as diagnostic aids. The red LED shows that serial data has arrived (a slow flash) and that the user may remove the USB stick (off or flashing). The green LED shows the presence of power (on or flashing) and that the USB thumb drive is recognized (LED on).

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Input voltage: 8VDC-30VDC
Input current: Internally fused at 0.75A. Typical current is 0.1A. Actual current draw depends on memory stick used.
Communication settings: 9600 baud, 1 stop bit, no parity, no flow control. RS232 standard voltages.
Capture speed: Writes data after 64 bytes received, or 7 second timeout between received bytes.
Capture output: Writes data to the file CAPTURE.TXT on flash drive, or if that file is present, appends data to the end of the file.
Capture format: USB Flash drive must be formatted for a FAT file system with a cluster size of 512 bytes. The majority of flash drives satisfy these requirements. Security enabled drives are not supported.
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DOGCATCHER RS232 Data Recorder Features:

A compact 1” x 2” x 4” device
Rugged housing
Low power
Convenient mounting tabs so    it stays in place
Stored data is accessible via   standard USB memory stick
  or thumb drive
Ready to use out of the box
Easy to use, everything you   need to know is on the label
Physically robust, no moving    parts


About Brigantine ElectronicsBrigantine Electronics designs solutions, manufactures product and supports customers from beautiful West Michigan. The Dogcatcher RS232 data recorder was born from a requirement to log data from a production process. We look forward to serving you with electronic devices for better automation.

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