Dogcatcher Serial Data Loggers

The Dogcatcher Serial Data LoggersBrigantine Electronics LLC has been designing, manufacturing and shipping serial data loggers from Southwest Michigan since 2009. Brigantine looks forward to serving you with solutions for better automation.

Serial Data Loggers

What is a Data Logger?

A DATA LOGGER is an electronic device which creates a record, or log, for later viewing and analysis. Some data loggers have internal sensors for common measurements such as temperature or humidity. Dogcatcher serial data loggers may be connected to a wide range of sensors, meters, scales or other devices to fit the needs of the system designer.

Having the data means making decisions with more confidence. Others can have confidence in your decisions, too. You can have the data in a convenient, portable format. The Dogcatcher is a data logger for industrial settings and industrial temperatures.

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Using the Dogcatcher

Why Use a Data Logger?

The Dogcatcher serial data logger will record a series of measurements. The measurements may be an air pressure reading every minute or the weight of packages on a scale or the state of an automation system. The Dogcatcher will save the data in a way that is convenient to the end user.

Data loggers have been used:

  • To study the flying patterns of migrating birds
  • To monitor the reintroduction of vulnerable birds & fish
  • In weather stations
  • To monitor mine conditions
  • To examine the performance of test cars
  • To monitor experiments in outer space

… Use the Dogcatcher

WHEN you need to log data from a PLC
WHEN you want to collect a debug stream from your microcontroller
WHEN you have status provided in an RS-232 format
WHEN you don’t want to dedicate a computer to a job
WHEN you can’t wait for the systems department to put in a network drop

The Original DogcatcherThe Original Dogcatcher

The original Dogcatcher is a quick and easy serial data logger solution for many applications with the most common RS-232 settings: 9600 baud, 8N1. The Dogcatcher is the most economical choice for use with most scales and many RFID systems.

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The Dogcatcher 2The Dogcatcher 2

The Dogcatcher 2 is a feature rich serial to USB data logger. The user can select the RS-232 baud rate, enable or disable RTS/CTS handshaking, and configure timestamping. The configuration options on the Dogcatcher 2 serial data logger allow its use with many GPS systems, pressure sensors and automated test systems.

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